Corendon Mangrove Beach Resort

From hotel to 5-star resort

Stad, LandWillemstad, Curaçao

OpdrachtgeverCorendon Curaçao 2 B.V.

TypeCafes, Hotels, Interiors, Restaurants

Grootte36.000 m2

StatusDelivered, July 2020

Tags All inclusive, Appartement, Community, Dichtheid, Duurzame energie, Social

What is the challenge? Make a new design for a 5-star all-inclusive resort on the tropical island of Curaçao. It encloses the location where the Veneto Holiday Beach Hotel used to be and the surrounding undeveloped hotel site.

Bakovic Architects is responsible for the architectural design of the renovation an the new part. This includes a thorough renovation of the hotel built in 1968. A number of buildings wil be demolished, two buildings will be stripped and redesigned.

Situatie Mangrove Beach Resort Curacao


The number of rooms will also be expanded from 210 to 399. A new main building has been designed withpublic facilities and a main restaurant for 1.000 guests on the ground floor and hotel rooms on the floors above. The Mangrove Beach Resort eventually becomes by far the largest hotel on the sun drenched island.


Main entrance / lobby


Inner courtyard with swimming pool


View from the poolbar


Interior pastry shop


Impression standard room


Impression bathroom


View toward main entrance


Impression reception / lobby


Impression inner courtyard


Fragment elevation main building


Detail balcony


Existing building with new balconies


Existing building and silent pool


Main restaurant


Sushi restaurant


Existing building


Main entrance resort


View towards Punda / Pietrmaai


View from cruise schip Coral Princess

Idea behind the design? 
The hotel mainly focusses on guests from North and South Amerca. The buildings are designed by Art Deco style, inspired by the architectural style in Miami where these continents converge. The main building is in front of the beach and is reminiscent of a cruise ship, a nod to the island’s nearby cruise terminal.

Expand existing complex?
The buildings have flat roofs and an elevator stop on the roof. For example, a rooftop bar and a swimming pool can be installed later. Or the hotel can be expanded with additional floors, facilities and rooms.

From room to a suite or apartment? 
Between every two rooms there is a connecting door. For example, these two rooms can easily be converted into a suite or apartment. Extra outdoor space has also been integrated in the design. By relocating the facade, rooms can be enlarged into a suite or a family room if needed later.

Which Spaces?

  • 399 rooms
  • a lobby
  • pastry shop
  • 2 conference rooms
  • an all inclusive restaurant
  • main pool with bar / silent pools
  • fitness area
  • offices
  • suites / double & quadruple rooms
  • cigar lounge / sushi club
  • food street area
  • spa cabanas
  • mangrove / aquaparc
Gebouw BenC-connecting_bg
Gebouw BenC-connecting
Gebouw A-suite
Gebouw A-suite-verdieping
Gebouw A-type1

“Bakovic Architects works with us to find solutions that fit within the concept and budget. We are very pleased to be able to offer our guests a product that we are proud of.’ Corendon Hotels & Resorts Development


B-MW, development partner

Geelhoed Engineering b.v., Structural Engineer

Schipper electro, Installations