Corendon Villige Plaza

From office to 4 star hotel

Stad, LandBadhoevedorp, The Netherlands

OpdrachtgeverCorendon Hotels & Resorts B.V.

TypeCafes, Hotels, Interiors, Residential, Restaurants

Grootte15.500 m2


Tags Apartment, Appartement, Community, Community, Density, Dichtheid, Retail, Social, Social, Tower, Transformation

The challenge? Transforming the old Sony building in Badhoevedorp into the main building of the 4-star Corendon Village hotel in 5 months. Design and execution of all areas are almost synchronized with demolition and construction.

Corendon Hotels & Resorts Development asks Bakovic Architects to jointly develop an interior design and, with Studio Y, to provide the architectural design for the entire transformation. We also take care of the coordinating role in the architectural field and ensure that everything is carried out according to design and tight planning.

Axon site with Schiphol in the background


Corendon Village is Corendon’s 2nd hotel in the Netherlands. After construction and renovation, the complex consists of 3 buildings. The old Sony office will become the central building – Plaza – with communal facilities such as the reception, spa and gym. The hotel rooms will be located on floors 1 to 8. The Skybar 747 will be on the top floor.


Overview of the lobby in het atrium


Main restaurant entrance from the lobby


Main restaurant overlooking the garden and Boeing 747


Living room area 2 person suite


Bedroom area 2 person suite


Standard bathroom layout


A la carte section with glass wall towards the sports bar


Bar in the sportsbar

From room to apartment?
The rooms can easily be linked together with a small architectural intervention.

New function destination?
The main supporting structure offers possibilities for a different future use.

Which Spaces?

  • 175 rooms
  • a reception area
  • foyer
  • 11 fully equipped conference rooms
  • a spa area
  • swimming pool
  • fitness room
  • offices
  • restaurant
  • sportsbar
  • facility areas

Ground floor


Level 1


Level 2


Level 3-8


Standard room

“In an extremely short period between design and delivery – including demolition and moving in – Bakovic Architects is the communication link between the interior designer and contractor.

Although the responsibility lay in the development, work preparation and quality assessment of the interior, Bakovic Architect often went the extra mile.” – Corendon Hotels & Resorts Development


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