Tiramisu | Cucina Italiana

From restaurant to trattoria

Stad, LandHilversum, The Netherlands

OpdrachtgeverTiramisu | Cucina Italiana

TypeInteriors, Restaurants

Grootte170 m2


Tags Community, Hospitality, Restaurant, Transformation

The challenge? Transform an existing restaurant with a capacity of 50 pax into a trattoria with the same amount of couverts. Guest experience & interior are in line with the new approach of producing and serving home made pasta and other Italian dishes: cosy, informal and a touch of the identity of the owners.

Tiramisu | Cucina Italiana – also known as Tiramisu by George – has always been an Italian restaurant. We provide the interior design and were collaborating with De Projectgroep for the procurement part of this project. Tiramisu | Cucina Italiana combines freshly made pasta – with their own pastamachine – to takeaway with home made pizza dine-in. Ideal for families, couples or a business appointment.

Axon site with Hilversum in the background

Look & feel

The trattoria part and the bar are logistically situated close to the kitchen and on one side of the space when you enter the building. The other side is reserved and designed for guests where one can drink a cappuccino or have lunch/dinner. Stylish and warm homely elements alternate in the interior. 


Very compact bar furniture for all kinds of beverages.


Fresh products at the counter of the trattoria.


The design is inspired by the rural character of Italy. Elements such as wood, marble and warm natural elements such as webbing.


Back wall painting -by Verfdokter –  including Fiat 500.


The bar with hand crafted tiles suits the authentic fresh made pasta.


Fixed benches along the wall.


Flexible seating for different sizes of groups.


Flexible seating for different sizes of groups.


Tiramisu | Cucina Italiana, Koninginneweg 101

Extra comfort and clear layout. Two separate areas have been designed for the trattoria and restaurant. Very practical for staff to have a clear overview of the space.

Different group size? The seated area have been designed to organise the furniture in a flexible way, where at the fixed benches the tables can be added or removed adjusting to the size of the group.

Other function in the future? The space can be divided into freshly made food for a small group of people to dine in. There’s enough space to use it as a small shop where typical Italian products can be purchased. It becomes a shop in a trattoria.

Which Spaces?

  • a guest area for 50 guests
  • a trattoria part with pasta machine
  • a kitchen with pizza oven and bar

“We serve daily fresh food like pasta, pizza and panini. We are pleased that the trattoria and restaurant have been arranged in such a way that in any case, we can do delivery, take away and have guests for dinner. Actually very sustainable.”– Tiramisu | Cucina Italiana


De Projectgroep, procurement and project management

Gooi’s Bouwbedrijf, contractor

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