Corendon Plaza Skybar

Today a skybar, tomorrow an exhibition space?

Stad, LandBadhoevedorp, The Netherlands

OpdrachtgeverCorendon Hotels & Resorts B.V.

TypeCafes, Cafes, Hotels, Interiors, Interiors, Restaurants, Restaurants

Grootte350 m2


Tags Bar, Density, Dichtheid, Hospitality, Social, Social, Tower

The challenge? Transform the former showroom on the top floor of the old Sony building into a cosmopolitan place where hotel guests and travelers from all over the world come together. Bakovic Architects takes care of the interior design and supervises the renovation on an architectural level.

Skybar 747 is located on the 9th floor of the old Sony building and is part of Plaza: the main building of Corendon Village. Hotel and airport visitors have a beautiful panoramic view of the aircraft taking off and landing and Amsterdam. Previously, this “glass room” showcased the latest technological advancements from Sony.

Axon site with Schiphol in the background

Boeing 747

In the garden of Corendon Village is a Boeing 747 in which you can visit an exhibition. Afterwards, you can spot planes from the sky bar that is shaped like a 747 wing. In the lounge are loveseats shaped like a Boeing nose.


Skybar on the top floor and the Boeing 747 in the garden


The “winglet” bar


An old Boeing 737 nose as a “double” seat


Intimacy versus transparency


Brass elevator switch


View with Schiphol in the background


Sitting area with maximum view of the surroundings


DJ booth with a view of the surroundings

New future destination?

Outside the elevator shaft in the middle of the room, this “glass” space is free of partitions. This makes the space freely divisible as a bar or restaurant and ideal for later setting up, for example, an exhibition space, spa or luxury penthouse.

Which Spaces?

  • winglet bar
  • stage with dj booth
  • reception desk
  • panorama elevator with “flight experience”
  • rooftop terrace

Layout Skybar

bar_skylounge section

Section with the Skybar at the top


Views of bar furniture

“We want to offer our guests a place that is an extension of the Boeing 747 in our garden. A kind of “flight experience”, which has been translated by Bakovic Architects into a special design of the bar. ”

– Corendon Hotels & Resorts Development


Corendon Hotel & Resort Development, development partner

Brandwacht en Meijer, interior builder

Bascon Constructies, consultant structureel engineer

Heuvelman, consultant audio and lighting

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